Monday, January 19, 2009

Last Day Revelation and the Mark of the Beast

Revelation insight
**********a great revelation!!the 3 brothers in Hos.5:5 are the three nations that were blessed by God,Judah(Jerusalem)Ephraim(Britan & Usa)included in Britan is Australia & canada(the 3 are Judah,Britan & Usa)Britan went to(Asyria) Germany for help, instead of the Usa. v.9 Britan will be desolate,the middle east(Judah) is a warning to Usa & Britan,all Israel(Judah) will fall/we all had blessings from God & failed God.......***************************************************************************We are suppose to set the example on how to live for God. We all are to repent back unto God,Most of the world today, have done away with God, saying oh, He said that to Israel , back then , not for us today,God is the same yesterday today & forever, we are to live by every word that came from the mouth of God matt.4:4 see in the scripture v.13 Britan went to Assyria for help?that is**********end time power********************************************************************* Germany will be the great end time power,the super power in the EU. Juda's deadly wound, this is the peace process since 1993,Jews gave land for peace twice & did not get peace, but war instead of peace. Iran moved Hamas into Gaza, Israel pulled out of Lebenon , in came Hezbollah, now Iran is pushing & will take part of Jerusalem(west Bank)then Israel will be totally surrounded.*************** Ephraim (Usa & Britan)v.14...v.15 Repent.........******************************************************************** Obama will move against Israel. Hezbollah & Hamas are pressuring Israel to give up more land. The Arabs will take it by force.(God will take them by force who come against Israel. Soon Zech.14:1,2 Day of the Lord (the end)Israel taken...1/2 of Israel right now is inhabited by Arabs, so it is going to fall the King to the south(Iran) is pushing, right now. Lev.26 Because of sin ,America,Britan & Judah/****************Beware*******scriptures unfolding,right now************************************************ ************************************************************************************************Dan.11:40 EU army led by Germany to destroy Iran & Russia. Dan.12 the daily sacrifice is taken away v.12 1,335 days =the end of the age of man. v.13 this goes to the end of time. We owe China(they own us, ya know? Saudie Arabia , we owe Billions.***************************************************************************** 4 earth killing events, all at once kill 2/3 of the nation Luke21:25,26 the powers of the heavens will be shaken,maybe Yellowstone? it is because of man's rejection of God through Jesus Christ and sin. Gen.8:21,22 Sept.13th America started to decline , the financial crash. Now, the USA changes (Socialism) See, the billions the govt paid to bail out businesses, we will have taxes increased to pay back & the dollar value decreases more.;they should have fallen ;and started over America will no longer be the America we have always known ****************A GREAT REVELATION:******************You see this right now ,the last of the last days unfolding (7/23/09**************************************************** I can see this really soon,do not want to set a date,but sooner then we can begin to realize..(an educated guess according to the Word,News & the World today),(not a date setter,(just in line w/God's Word & news,and God is always saying accelleration,sooner then we expect) it will all fall apart, I see there will be an economic & moral collapse in the USA that will trigger civil war & break up the USA.
Revelation insight,to share & give it thought & prayer
(imagine this,Look See;(maybe..example) The western part of the USA (california part) controlled by China. The Middle (midwest)or N. part , controlled by Canada. SW Texas republic, by Mexican authority. N E part of USA controlled by the EU, Alaska under control of Russia and Hawaii under control of Japan.(something to this effect, anyway: well,("this is food for thought"), it is something to think about,and I welcome others insights .I love studying God's Word & getting Insight!!!and sharing it !! ***********************As the dollar falls, see, those we owe will take over. China is more powerful now then ever before. New World economic order. watch now 7/23/09
Computers transfering money electronically!!!we do that right now. The banks are right now already, centralizing, the larger banks take control of the smaller banks; the stage,right now, ***is being quickly set for Antichrist. Rev.13:15-18; 95 A.D.,prophecy was made, we have the means of tracking everyone on earth (right now) Monitary system under the control of this one man, he will determine who buys & sells,nobody knew back in the time of this prophecy about computers. Money is already 96% computer entries while only 4% is cash. They will swear Antichrist is God, The mark of the Beast. I want to add right here, if you are here during the great tribulation , you come to believe and; receive Chirst as not take the mark of the beast.., if you do, you renounce Chirst and; swear allegiance to antichrist, and you will be cast into everlasting destruction, the lake of fire with the beast Rev.20:10-14/Once you take the mark, you cannot ever be saved. If you come to believe in Great Tribulation and; are born again, then you will be killed for your faith in Christ and; for not taking the mark of the Beast(The Beast system, btw is Religion...bowing to their gods, the mark of the beast is the number of a man(religious leader)it is better that you believe God right now and; receive Christ as Lord and; savior, rather then to wait until Great Tribulation/One World Religion,all religions under one Religion(many gods)Spirits and ways of worship, not at all of God...Remember,saying yes to this universal or One World Religion all religions in one, is taking the mark of the Beast. **************************************************************************************Jesus said,do not love your life & want to save it, you will lose it, if you lose your life for My sake(says the Lord in scripture)you will keep it.Many think a chip in the skin is the mark.nononono.People are scared & looking everywhere for the mark of the beast...*************************MARK of the Beast***************************************************** the beast(antichrist) cannot come to power while Holy Spirit in us(the church, of born again believers in Chirst)are still here. God will remove that which restrains antichrist(Holy Spirit , in us)so this would be rapture, or caught up, only then will antichrist come to power.So, in this time on earth, with Holy Spirit in us, this is not going to happen,****************************************** so it is not an ID card, nor a chip, these things can come about strictly for identification, in an attempt to keep track of who belongs here & who does not. Back in the 50's we knew this stuff, but could not see how. Well, it is right at our door step..We are suppose to set an example to the world how to live for God Through Jesus Christ, and as we allow evil to creep into our nations, taking God out of the mix...........This is why....(serving sin & satan)..........the end is right at our doorsteps..Examine Ez.38...............Salvation in Christ: Christ & the Cross & His shed Blood, was not just for our being Born again , a brand new Spirit in Christ, by His life,death & resurrection, this reconciled us back unto the Father.........We are to walk & talk with God, serve God, instead, they did away with God, His Word, His commandments,ordinances,statutes and; judgments.*****which leads sinners to Christ ***********************************************************See 2Thess.1:8 Jesus comes in Flaming Fire taking vengeance on ALL who do not KNOW God and do not OBEY the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and they shall perish into everlasting destruction...........All you need to do , is Know God & His Word, yes(Old Test.)Know all of His ways,believe God & receive Christ into your heart as Lord & Savior over your life.Rev.3:20 the door is your heart,hearing His voice is hearing the Word of God & belieivng ,opening the door is asking Him into your heart...........Rom.10:9,10, you believe in your heart and; with your mouth, you make confession of Jesus Christ as Lord & savior!!repenting away from sins unto Christ Luke13:3 ,confessing (acknowledging)all sins to God, only God can forgive you, not man,only God 1John1:9,10 and He will cleanse you from all unrighteousness by the power of the shed Blood of Jesus Christ.......Desire to know God through Jesus Christ , Jesus is the only (WAY) to the Father, John14:6 ;yes even in prayer, we pray the Father (God) in Jesus' Name, The World of lost sinners have done away with God their very creator, They did away with God's 10 commandments which He gave to us to live by Ex.20,can't mention Jesus, want to do away with the name' Holy & Mighty Name, God,murdering babies in the womb by the millions(which are God's heritage)allowing all sins what things God forbids. You know, God created us ,He is our Mighty God, and you can only know Him through Jesus Christ,John14:6 Jesus is the Only Way, The reason for Him becoming Flesh(1Tim.3:16)and John1:1-14(the Son of God, Jesus Christ ,(the precious Lamb of God(the Body of Christ) 2Cor.5:19 God was in that Body reconciling the world(sinners) back unto Himself, was because He loved us so much , He loves you even in your sins, and wants you to believe Him & receive Christ as Lord & Savior over your life & be born again , and have everlasting life with Him!!!***************************many follow religion & religious works and do not know God (matt.23)and Matt.7:21-23, and will in no way ever see the Kingdom of God..................................Jesus did say, these honor Me with their lips(saying yes He is the Son of God, but not following Him at all, their hearts are onto other gods, religions & religious acts, which do not please God at all, sadly, God does not know them at all.********************************************* Don't push God away,He is your heavenly Father, do not ever replace God with anyone or anything else.....(Jesus was God in the flesh)God so desires relationship with you. .You know,God provided the Ram for Abraham...and so He provided the Body of Christ as our Once & for all sacrifice 1cor.5:7 Matt.26:28 No remission for sins but by the shed Blood..Heb.9:22..Heb.9:11-15 onward..1John1:7 the Blood of Christ cleanses us from sins..1John2:2...all who hear,read,and believe & receive Christ as Lord & Savior over their life,accept His Provision for their sins..without Christ you have no havbe no forgiveness of sins,without Christ.(there are not 2 or 3 Gods,only one God,God Himself became flesh 1Tim.3:16, God was in that Body of Christ 2Cor.5:19.(john1:1-14 on..)I add this for the security of your Spirit in Christ By His Shed not follow man or religion,m but God alone thru Jesus Christ ( I share this w. you (God said I am He in Ex.3:13-15 & Deut.32:39 and Jesus said John8:24 if you do not believe that I am He, you will die in your sins..always remembering God is Spirit john4:24 & can do all things..and by forming a body in a virgin womb for Him to dwell in and looking at the fact..only Mary's womb was used by God, it was His own Divine shed Blood (Not Mary's Blood) Human Blood is sinful).(acts 20:28,God's shed Blood)without Christ, you reject God's plan for you (forgiveness of sins by the powerr of the Shed Blood of the perfect lamb of God(Jesus Christ) known as Messiah..why? By His crucifixion for you & me, by the shedding of His Divine believing God & receiving Christ ,we become Born again A new spirit in Christ cleansed by His Soul cleansing Bllod, by this now we are reconciled back unto the Father we can pray the Father In Jesus' Name & He hears us & He answereds us..only by Jesus,without Jesus Christ, You have no sacrifice for your sins nor do you ever receive forgiveness for your sins only by God and the Power of the Shed Blood of Christ , Only God can draw you unto His Son & salvation John1:13 ..once you believe in your heart * & confess Jesus with your Mouth you will be saved , Rom10:9,10..Luke13:3 you must turn away from all sins unto God Thru the Lamb of God, our Lord and Savior,Jesus Christ.and acknowledge(confess)sins to God & He will forgive you,He will SEE your repentant Heart & Hear your sorrowful hearts cry and He will forgive you and cleanse you from all unrighteousness..1John1:9, works, nothing at all you can do to be saved but by Belieivng God & receiving Christ ,repenting & confessing & pickingh up your cross DAILY & following after Christ (you say how is that?)You do the best that you can to be like Jesus,doing God's per4fect will for you..that is to walk in obedience to God & worship God always in the name of Jesus Christ..God tells us, to never forget Him (Never)God Bless you all....... God Bless you and; if you need help or to talk about me via e-mail or search all of my Blogs.....Above all, Get a Holy Bible, King James Version,a study Bible has notes to help you understand the scriptures,go to a church that is a Holy Bible Believing church, a Christ centered Church,and Holy Spirit filled Church...........ask questions, if the Holy Bible and; Christ are not it's center, leave.No Holy Spirit run as fast as you can...feel free to contact me or All of my Blogs here:
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